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H-Beam Through Type Shot Blasting Machine

KJ69 series Shot blasting is mainly used to cleaning the H beam, steel plate, structural steel and cleaning the oxide scale
Application description of this machine
KJ69 series Shot blasting is mainly used to cleaning the H beam, steel plate, structural steel and cleaning the oxide scale. In addition, shot blasting is also used to descaling and cleaning the oxide scale and residual coating of other metal parts.
Equipment requirement description
   This equipment is a complete new equipment of our company (including all the spare parts, components and accessories), with advanced technology, durable, reasonable structure design, simple operation, easy maintenance, low operating cost, etc.
Whole equipment is including the shot blasting chamber, abrasive control system, shot blasting systems, abrasive recycling sorting storage system, abrasive blowing system, ventilation and dust removal system, roller conveyors, electrical control systems, maintenance platforms, security systems. Mechanical and electrical system should be equipped with reliable security protection devices. Shot blasting equipment is accord with European Union CE, Germany TUV, France BV and other related standards, certification and requirements.

The main equipment configuration details

main wear parts of blast wheel---------------High chromium casting casting Cr 28%

Impeller for blast wheel---------------------wear resistant alloy carburized parts

wear-resistant material of main blasting area-------------Rolling Mn13 high manganese steel

Bearing of blast wheel--------------------product of Sweden SKF

Motor of blast wheel---------------------SIEMENS motor company's products

air actuated control system------------------AIRTAC/DINGLI company products

PLC------------------------Germany SIEMENS company

transducer-------------------Germany SIEMENScompany

detecting element--------------------Germany SICK company、South Korea autonics products

electric control cabinet---------------------Rittal technology products

Our shot blasting machine accept customization, if you have any need, welcome to contact with us.
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