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Portable Road Shot Blasting Machine

Portable shot blasting machine is suitable for cleaning road, floor, desk etc.
Regarding to Portable shot blasting machine:
Shot blasting is the Professionals' preferred solution
The blast-cleaning machine offers a high level of versatility for any size job site, its heavy duty blasting ability makes it ideal for applications such as airport maintenance and asphalt cleaning, the machine is a walk-behind machine that when connected to an appropriate our dust collector provides a virtually dust-free, and friendly environment.


It is used to clean and prepare surfaces before applying a coating / paint / resin and tiles and to remove old coatings and rubber from roads and airport runways And to remove markings from roads, highways, runways, industrial floors and more And to regenerate grip and improve safety on roads and runways.
 Portable shot blasting machine performs a mechanical process to remove surface contaminants, surface imperfections, or surface coating in a cost effective and environmentally friendly method. This timesaving process strips, cleans and profiles simultaneously for concrete, steel and asphalt surfaces.
Portable shot blasting machine leaves the surface immediately ready for the application of coatings or overlays, eliminating drying time and costly disposal procedures associated with other surface preparation methods. Portable shot blasting machine produces the highest bonding character of any surface preparation method.


Portable shot blasting machine for Concrete
•Portable shot blasting machine prepares concrete for recoating or application of overlays
•Portable shot blasting machine removes marking, dirt and old coatings
•Portable shot blasting machine prepares parking lots and garage decks Portable shot blasting machine
•Portable shot blasting machine cleans factory and warehouse floors
•Portable shot blasting machine ideal for airport runways
•Portable shot blasting machine used on bridge decks and highways
•Portable shot blasting machine stencil patterns for decorative concrete applications
Portable shot blasting machine for Steel
•Portable shot blasting machine for marine industry: removes paint, rust and marine growth
•Portable shot blasting machine cleans ship and aircraft carrier decks
•Portable shot blasting machine removes nonskid coatings
•Portable shot blasting machine cleans offshore platforms
•Portable shot blasting machine prepares petroleum and water storage tank surfaces
•Portable shot blasting machine removes rust and paint


Portable shot blasting machine for Asphalt
•Portable shot blasting machine removes tire rubber
•Portable shot blasting machine removes residue
•Portable shot blasting machine specializes in removing surface contamination
•Portable shot blasting machine improves skid resistance
•Portable shot blasting machine improves micro and macro textures
The Portable shot blasting machine system works using a high performance airless, centrifugal blast wheel for propelling blast media at a high velocity in a controlled pattern and direction. Different surface profiles can be achieved by varying shot size, shot flow rates and machine travel speed.

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