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HSK Series Hook Type Shot Blasting Machine

Hook Type Head Rail Shot Blasting Machine ideal to treat parts of all sizes particularly fragile parts
Hook Type Shot Blasting Machine ideal to treat parts of all sizes particularly fragile parts. It installations with operational flexibility, suitable for many types of work, it is the most suitable machine for any need. The hook runs and rotates inside the machine exposing all the surface of the work pieces to the abrasive action from the wheels, positioned on the side of the blast chamber.
Particular application fields:
Smaller machines : Aluminum die-casting, Magnesium castings, small steel fabrications, gears and technological treatments.
Medium/Large machines : forges, foundries, steel structures, gears, heat treatments, electric transformers etc.
Model :

Overhead Rail Blast Machiness is a standard model shot blasting machine, its working diameter of the cylinder 900 and 1300 mm, height from 1300 3500 mm. Standard models with throwing the first7 months, the maximum load capacity of 10, 000 kg, and production efficiency of this shot blasting machine is quite high, flexibility span is quite large and is ideal for cleaning up strengthening equipment, and easy to operate, the workpiece to be processed simply load the machine, press the start button, and after a very short period of time (usually7 minutes), to complete the entire cleaning process, removed all dust and residual pellets, mainly applicable to a variety of surface treatment of large castings, forgings, welded parts, heat treatment, including fragile and irregularly shaped workpieces. Suitable for multispecies, medium and small quantities of castings and forgings and welding parts of the surface cleaning or strengthening, especially for thinwalled elongated touch surface cleaning or strengthening more appropriate. It is capable of in the original state of the steel surface to impose a strong blast, remove the surface rust and welding slag and oxide finish and thus obtain a certain uniform metallic luster surface to remove stress and improve the quality and finish of steel corrosion performance. 

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