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Steel Track Countinuous Shot Blasting Machine

The automated manufacturing process requires a highly flexible production system to meet changing production requirements
Function overview and main features
The automated manufacturing process requires a highly flexible production system to meet changing production requirements. Flexible systems can quickly adapt to production speed, batch size, finishing technology and market demand changes.
Through the feed cleaning process has many obvious advantages, to ensure that the shot peen cleaning efficient and cost-effective. Continuous shot peening machine not only enables the production process to be automated, but also improves the working environment.
KNNNJOO MACHINE Inc.introduction of German technology to create the track through continuous shot blasting machine used in aerospace, steel, automobile, forging and other industries, and on the basis of the original optimization, technology more mature and advanced customers in Europe and America praise.
• Clean the castings and remove the core
• Castings and forgings rust
• Mixed or single-wire production
• Multi-workpiece mixing cleaning
• Regardless of how the productivity fluctuates, always maintain efficient shot blasting performance
• Fully automated production lines from styling to finishing
• The production process is clear and the product consistency is improved significantly
• No intermediate stacking area, shortening the transmission distance
• As the entire shot peening process can be integrated into an automated production line, operating costs are reduced
• Small footprint
• There is little need for any manual processing of the workpiece to help improve the working environment and eliminate the operator's risk
Shot blasting is automatic, continuous, dusty
Steel crawler bed can be used to continuously tilt the rotation to clean the castings. To ensure that the workpiece soft flip. The rotational frequency of the roller bed and the amount of pellets of the shot blasting are controlled by the preprogrammed parameters according to the flow and volume of the part. Even in the case of irregular parts flow, you can also ensure the best shot blasting effect and the smallest wear and tear. The efficient pellet stream from the top of the part thoroughly cleans all surface and interior areas.

CT16-650 Steel track Continuous Tumblast Machine
Introduction: Widely used in the casting and forging industry, steel crawler continuous shot blasting machine is particularly suitable for a variety of parts shot blasting), especially for the equipment into the production line of high-volume production situation.
Equipment workflow
The workpiece to be cleaned is from the customer's feed conveyor to the vibratory conveyor of the device. Then, into the shot blasting area, installed in the top of the shot blasting chamber on all its surface completely completely shot blasting, while the steel track to keep the workpiece rolling, to ensure that the surface of the residual abrasive removal. The cleaned workpieces are sent to the conveyor vibrator and then to the conveyor provided by the customer. Up / down are automatically completed, without manual operation. The inlet and outlet rollers and steel tracks are perforated for the removal and recycling of pellets. The core part of the machine is made of high manganese steel track shoe, the workpiece in the track plate continuous rotation of the process of continuous rolling to achieve a thorough clean-up.
The main components of the machine include:
Feeding / cutting vibration conveyor; working track (feed / discharge drum made of manganese steel plate, and "T" slab made of manganese steel); shot blasting chamber made of high wear plate ; Direct-type high-power shot blasting machine, to ensure higher efficiency and lower failure rate; a special projectile control valve through the PLC control, can automatically adjust the amount of material according to the pills; Pellet vibrating sieve, bucket machine, three sorting system, pulse dust collector, Rittal control cabinet and display panel.
Equipment characteristics

1.Fully automated production process, a substantial increase in production consistency
Continuous delivery of the workpiece, no intermediate stacking area, compact structure, small footprint
Shot cleaning process easy to integrate into the automatic production line, reduce operating costs
There is little need for manual operation to help improve the working environment and eliminate the operator's risk.
Equipment in the course of running no leakage of dust and steel balls.

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